The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life


Almost all of us are prisoners of regrets, resentments, and frustrations from the past and even from the present time. To reach freedom, it is needed to let come forward all the load of negative feelings accumulated throughout the decades. The phrases: I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you; in the song at might be the key to this self-improvement, which brings inner peace and the fulfillment of our destiny as the upholders of the harmony in the cosmos. These phrases can be understood in the following manner:


I am sorry, please forgive me: I made many mistakes in the past, of which I regret greatly. I made those mistakes because I did not have the understanding that I have today. Shall all the negative feelings associated to those regrets come forward, even if I suffer and cry intensely, such that I can be finally free to build a better future starting with my good choices in the present.


I am grateful: I am grateful for my life, for all the people that share life with me, including my family members, my friends, my co-workers and all other people, for the resources and all the opportunities that I received and that I am receiving in this life. None of this could have happened. However, fortunately, this is all integral part of my reality. Thank you very much.


I love you: First, I need to love myself and seek to address my wishes and needs so that my inner happiness could shine intensely. While happiness is radiating from me, I will be able to effectively contribute to the illumination of all the dear persons with whom I share this life through good actions and good thoughts, which immensely complements my inner well-being.


It is very difficult to improve the pattern of thoughts and feelings of a person, which leads to a significant increase in the level of inner well-being, without the person passing through a process of mental saturation. The key to the learning of a new skill or to a change in the behavior is the repetition.  Playing daily, several times per day, and singing a song with those four phrases (called Ho’oponopono in the language of the Natives of the Pacific Islands) is an excellent technique for a person to make this improvement in his or her thoughts and feelings. This includes listening and saying those phrases after waking up, while driving or taking a ride, while relaxing the mind, and before going to sleep. There are several versions of this song in different languages. I hope you will also give yourself the opportunity to have this experience, which may provide you with a permanent state of inner satisfaction throughout your life.


I wish that all of us could maintain our state of inner well-being even when we are subjects of rude actions, to which all of us are subject to. Behind every act of emotional aggression there is a desperate human being asking for help. Shall we all be the fortresses of inner harmony that will help that person to overcome the darkness that he or she is temporarily experiencing.


“Humanity, you welcomed me in your midst even without knowing who I was. You advised me and guided me so that I could accomplish all my aspirations without asking anything in return. I hope, still in this life, to have the opportunity to fulfill the biggest of all my dreams: To serve you with the best that I have to offer until the very last of my days.”


Song in English:


Phrases for reflection:

I am sorry for the mistakes that I made.

I forgive me, since I only made those mistakes because I did not have the understanding that I have today.

I am grateful for everything that I received.

I love myself and I also love those who are close to me. I am a child of the universe. I am a divine sparkle. Shall the light that is in me shine intensely and enlighten the darkness that still lingers in the cosmos.


Author: Ivan T. Lima Jr., Ph.D., P.E.